Electronic reporting

Clicking a few buttons on your computer to send accounting or tax report is much easier than spending time at the post office or, even worse, going to the tax office. Moreover, the tax authorities now accept some reports only in electronic form.

However, one thing is to press one button, and another thing is to do the same with a thousand buttons.

We offer you a solution that will allow you to export data from iScala and MS Excel to electronic reporting format.

This is how you can prepare reports:

  1. Open the Excel report in RGW, start the report.

Or open your report in Excel, if you prepare or upload reports in Excel.


2. In Add-Ins menu choose eReporting à Export Report


After that the file of electronic reporting will be uploaded.

It is done!

3. Next, you can open the report in the «Taxpayer LE (Legal Entities)» to complete the report, calculate and check the report.


How electronic reports are formed, more details


We assume that as the data source you are using ERP-system iScala, including financial modules such as «Ledger», “Purchase Ledger», «Sales Ledger», and in case of necessity «Inventory Management», «Procurement Management» and «Sales Orders» modules.

Traditionally, we suggest using the RGW reporting generator as a solution for the preparation of accounting and tax reporting. Reports generated in the RGW are Excel sheets. RGW enables to form a balance sheet, profit and loss statement (income statement), cash flow statement, and purchase ledger for VAT, sales ledger for VAT, VAT returns, transportation, income, property tax returns and other reports.

On the basis of reports prepared in RGW eRepXL utility allows you to upload the results of the reports in electronic form. From the perspective of the end user in order to upload the electronic reporting he will need to select only one item in the Excel menu. After that the desired file will be formed.

Most likely, the data in iScala are not enough to prepare a report, for example, you need to specify different classifiers data such as OKTMO (AllRussian Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories), OKVED (All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity), passport data of your managers, the nominal value of the shares in the statement of changes in equity, and so forth. These data are usually lacking in iScala. You can enter these data into the «Taxpayer LE” (http://www.nalog.ru/rn77/program/all/nal_ul/ ), which is being developed by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation You can also check the correctness of the report and to calculate the amount of taxes in the «Taxpayer LE». After that you upload the report back into electronic format.

You can send the report in electronic form prepared in such a way through your operator to tax and statistical authorities.

How to get a solution

We are ready to provide you with a solution for the preparation of electronic reporting.

The documentation for the utility describes in detail how it can be configured for a particular report, and also for a certain form of a report in Excel.

We are also ready to make these configurations for your document formats and features of your settings.

If you have any questions, please contact Epicor consulting department in Moscow:

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Alexander Gorbachev
Regional Consulting Manager, Russia / CIS