Learn how iScala automatically exchange the data with 3PL providers and with Warehouse Management Systems

iScala includes a mechanism called Epicor Service Connect for the integration, which allows you to automatically exchange the data with other systems.

We offer you to use and set up this mechanism.

One of the often used solutions is the integration with the logistics services provider (3PL, Third Party Logistics provider), which carries out storage, customs clearance and delivery of the goods. Since the data volume for exchange is usually large enough, the manual or semi-automatic data exchange is time consuming and is the source of great number of errors. Data upload through the reports and data receiving through the standard imports into iScala also requires the active participation of the user in the administration of the data exchange. Epicor Service Connect allows you to exchange data in a fully automatic mode.

Similarly iScala can communicate with the warehouse management systems (WMS, Warehouse Management System), which control the storage of goods at the warehouse.

How to set up the integration

Before setting up the system there is prepared the document describing the new business processes, file formats for the exchanging, communication protocols, frequency of dictionaries synchronization.  There is determined the storage location and the rules of  master data change, such as item master data, lot numbers, customers and so on.

Each stage of data exchange — designed to send, receive and aimed for the internal data transformation– is logged in Epicor Service Connect. When an error occurs you will see a message about problems with the data exchange. If during the exchange the user is required to confirm certain procedure, such as to send the order for shipment, Epicor Service Connect will prompt the user or several users to confirm the operation.

Information interchange between your company (iScala) and the logistics services provider or the Warehouse Management System can include the following tasks:

  • Import of information on the planned supply of products (iScala) on to the warehouse 3PL / WMS
  • Upon receipt of goods on to the customs warehouse the information on the numbers of Cargo Customs Declarations (CCD), the numbers of certificates of conformity etc. can be additionally imported. After customs clearance of cargo in 3PL / WMS the message on the goods transfer from the customs warehouse to the storage warehouse is transmitted into iScala.
  • If you receive the messages through Epicor Service Connect, the information on the lots with numbers of CCD, certificates numbers and so on is updated in iScala, however, the goods will not be transferred immediately. Instead, the system creates a request for confirmation of the operation by the user. It is necessary to allow the accountant properly to accrue all the additional costs for the lot before the goods will be transferred to the storage warehouse.
  • After confirmation of the operation by the user via a web-interface of the tasks monitor, Epicor Service Connect performs the transfer of the received products.
  • After creation of sales order and receipt of payment from the buyer the salesperson prints in iScala on a special EDI printer the list of the goods selection, as a result there is created the message for 3PL / WMS.
  • After message receiving, the officers of the warehouse services provider select the items and send the confirmation for selection of the goods. The message is not sent directly to iScala, but it is used to verify the compliance of the lot numbers and quantities in the order for sale in iScala with the information sent from WMS.
  • After the actual shipment of the goods to the buyer, 3PL / WMS generates a confirmation of the shipment and sends it to iScala. The message is processed by Epicor Service Connect in real time, as a result there is created the shipment in iScala.
  • In addition to these procedures there can be also provided: daily stock reconciliation between systems, information interchange on goods transfer between warehouses, synchronization of inventories reference books.

The process of implementation, starting from the approval of the technical requirements to the date of signing of the acceptance act based on the results of testing, takes about 2 months on the average.

If you have any questions regarding the setup of integration, please contact Alexander Gorbachev, Manager of the Consulting department:

tel. +7 495 799 5666

e-mail: agorbachev@epicor.com

Regarding licenses for platform Epicor Service Connect, please contact Account Manager Nataliya Lyushina:

phone +7 495 799 5666

cell: +7 919 105 8325

e-mail: nlyushina@epicor.com