Electronic Russian VAT return

Starting with the 1st quarter 2015 companies shall submit electronic VAT return in a new reporting form in accordance with the Order No. MMV-7-3/558@ “On approval of VAT return form, procedure of its filling and format of electronic VAT return e-filing” of the Federal Tax Service of Russia as of October 29, 2014.

New form of VAT return includes all records from sales ledger and purchase ledger. For companies acting as agents VAT return shall also include registers of received and issued tax invoices.

We’ve developed a solution for uploading purchase ledger, sales ledger and VAT Invoice registers to electronic form. We developed a solution for uploading tax returns even earlier. And now we are ready to offer you a complete solution for VAT reporting.

The solution consists in uploading purchase ledger, sales ledger, register and other sections of VAT return from Excel files.

How it works:

  • Using RGW or other means create or fill the following Excel files:
    1. Sections 1-7 of VAT return
    2. Purchase ledger (section 8)
    3. Additional sheets of purchase ledger (section 8, appendix 1)
    4. Sales ledger (section 9)
    5. Additional sheets of sales ledger (section 9, appendix 1)
    6. Register of received tax invoices (section 10)
    7. Register of issued tax invoices (section 11)
    8. Records from tax invoices issued by persons specified in p.5 Article 173 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation who are not VAT taxpayers or tax invoices for non-taxable goods/services (section 12)
  • By means of Excel Add-In developed by us upload VAT return to xml file – electronic report.
  • Upload and check uploaded files by means of (“TaxPayer LE / Nalogoplatelschik YuL”) or any other program for entering and checking electronic tax returns (such as Contour, SBIS++ etc.)
  • Enter missing data in the return, calculate the totals, check data from the return and upload the resulting file.
  • Submit e-return via your provider.


What is necessary to upload electronic VAT return:

  • Filled returns or return preparation program.
    For example, return generator RGW and reports configured in RGW for creation of purchase ledger, sales ledger and, if necessary, registers of received and issued tax invoices, as well as sections 1-7 of VAT return.
    If you can’t create purchase ledger and sales ledger by means of iScala, we recommend you to configure such returns.
  • Our eRepXL Excel Add-In for uploading returns to electronic form (XML).
    In Excel returns eRepXL uses special sheet called e-reporting; it specifies what sheets and cells must be uploaded in electronic form and how it should be done. You will receive documents, examples and recommendations on how to prepare this sheet, if you want to prepare it by yourself.

Besides VAT return you will be able to prepare any other electronic reports by means of eRepXL Add-In; such reports include:

  • Transport tax return,
  • Property tax return,
  • Accounting statement (forms 1, 2, 3, 4, explanations to forms),
  • Notification of related-party transactions
  • etc

Our offer

We offer you delivery of the solution including:

  • eRepXL Excel Add-In,
  • Documents on Add-In configuration,
  • Configuration template for Add-In for uploading purchase ledger and sales ledger, tax invoice registers and sections 1-7 of VAT return,

Also you will get 1 day of consultant’s assistance on uploading configuration in accordance with your form of purchase ledger and sales ledger, as well as other sections of return. Configuration may be carried out remotely.

Besides that, you will get one year of Consulting Department support regarding uploading your forms and reports connected with VAT return in electronic form.

The solution is provided under consultancy agreement (p.3.4.-3.6.) as Developed Software. Support of this solution is provided by Consulting Department in accordance with consultancy agreement (p.16.1, 16.1.1.)

Consulting and support services constitute an integral part of the offer.

Offer is valid till April 20, 2015.

Cost of services under this offer is 2 000 EURO (VAT is not included).

For all questions, please contact Epicor Consulting Department in Moscow:

Tel: +7 495 799 5666
Mob. tel.: +7 985 410 1807
е-mail: agorbachev@epicor.com
Alexander Gorbachev
Regional Consulting Manager Russia/CIS